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We believe in balancing academic attainment with a diversity of experiences outside the classroom that are fulfilling, challenging and thought-provoking. It is this conviction that produces young adults with well-developed skills of communication, teamwork and leadership.

We are proud of the wealth of extracurricular possibilities on offer to our students. Whether they are interested in Sports, Performing Arts, Reading, Films, Languages, or Art, there is something for everyone!

Homework Club is available after school every day with Miss. Hattersley in room CG4.

Our superb facilities and highly committed staff are the perfect combination to help all of our students realise their dreams.

Performing Arts

The arts form an important part of Academy life, and students are provided with a number of ways in which to express their creative side, including dance, drama and choir. We have had great success in the National Youth Speaks, Young Musician and Young Chef competitions. Productions and concerts provide an excellent platform for students to express their creativity, and we are always recruiting new talent to perform.

We are proud of our successful history of musical productions, including Little Shop of Horrors, Les Misérables, We Will Rock You, and Alice. 

Trips and theatre visits are common activities and students perform their work to a range of audiences, from assemblies to full-scale productions.


The excellent quality of artwork is apparent around the Academy, displayed in prominent areas. Students attain exceptional results and a high number take advantage of lunchtime and after-school clubs to develop their skills.

We have gained the Arts Mark Gold award on 3 consecutive occasions. This is as a result of our fantastic arts provision and credit to our talented students. The award is about music, dance, drama, textiles as well as art and productions.


We offer a full range of extracurricular sporting activities, including clubs at lunchtime and after school. Football, basketball, rugby, netball and rounders are offered competitively, and older students are actively involved in the Junior and Community Sports Leader Awards.

Residential Opportunities

We firmly believe that residential education provides unique opportunities for personal development. A variety of residential experiences are on offer and these include:

  • Outdoor Adventure Experiences.
  • Kingswood
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • New York
  • Academy Band Tours
  • Aim Higher University Visits
  • Gifted and Talented Programmes

Students with high ability and specific talent are identified on entry and throughout their time at the Academy. They take part in a number of enrichment activities to stimulate and challenge them. The Academy plays host to a higher than average number of students who gain access to the Young, Gifted and Talented network (YGT). Hubs based at Universities throughout Yorkshire will allow students online access to exciting workshops and support.

Extracurricular Timetable


Football (boys and girls)

Summer Term - Cricket (boys and girls)

KS3 French Club

Self Care Club

Eco Warriors

Year 9/Year 10 Fitness

Mr Webb/Mr Walker

Mr Walker

Miss Shipley

Miss Young

Mrs Shelton

Mr Webb

Outside 2.50-3.40pm

Outside 2.50-3.40pm

BG2 2.50-3.40pm

Thrive 2.50-3.40pm

BG4 2.50-3.40pm

Fitness Suite at Lunch


Anime Drawing Club

Miss Milford/Miss Broughton

Thrive 2.50-3.40pm


Lego Club

English Expedition

Junior Maths Challenge Year 7/Year 8

Life Skills/Religious Studies Film Club

Netball Year 7-10

Football Fixtures

Drama Club

Craft Club

Pride Group

Dance Club Year 7-9

Design Technology Club

Miss Hobson

Miss Gerrard

Mr Hurst

Mrs Webster

Miss Rusby

Mr Webb

Miss Preston

Mr Hulait

Miss Ogden

Miss Casswell

Mr Sills

Thrive 2.50-3.40pm

AF6 2.50-3.40pm

BF1 2.50-3.40pm

BL8 2.50-3.40pm

MUGA 2.50-3.40pm

Outside 2.50-3.40pm

EG6 2.50-3.40pm

EG3 2.50-3.40pm

BG6 2.50-3.40pm

Dance Studio 2.50-3.40pm

AL5 2.50-3.40pm


Art Club

Debate Society

Film Appreciation Club

Board Games Club

Cricket Club


Year 9/Year 10 Fitness


Drama Club

Badminton Year 7-10

Writing Club

Netball Fixtures

Football (girls) Year 7-10

Rugby Club (girls)

Mrs Ahmed/Mr Singh

Mr Wright

Mr Radburn

Mr Martin

Mr Jarvis/Mr Walker

Mrs Erskine

Mr Webb

Miss Bott/Mrs Hoyland

Miss Hudson

Mr Webb

Miss Allen/Miss Carter

Miss Rusby/Mrs Erskine

Mr Webb

Miss Harbut

EG3 2.50-3.40pm

Library 2.50-3.40pm

BF6 2.50-3.40pm

Thrive 2.50-3.40pm

Outside 2.50-3.40pm

Dance Studio 2.50-3.40pm

Fitness Suite 2.50-3.40pm

AG1 2.50-3.40pm

EG6 2.50-3.40pm

Sports Hall 2.50-3.40pm

AF8 2.50-3.40pm

Outside 2.50-3.40pm

Sports Hall 2.50-3.40pm

Outside 2.50-3.40pm


Subbuteo Club

Table Tennis Club

Mr Smith

Mr Walker

BG8 2.50-3.40pm

Main Hall/Sports Hall 2.50-3.40pm

Daily Homework Club Miss Hattersley BG13 2.50-3.40pm