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Our Governors

The Sir Thomas Wharton Local Governance Committee are committed to improving education for all our students by ensuring high standards of governance at all levels.

The Local Governance Committee has the following core strategic functions:

Establishing the strategic direction, by: 

  • Setting and ensuring clarity of the vision, values, and objectives for the Academy within the Trust framework
  • Agreeing the Academy improvement strategy in line with the Scheme of Delegation 
  • Meeting statutory duties 

Ensuring accountability, by: 

  • Appointing Senior Leaders in consultation with the CEO and Trust Board 
  • Monitoring the educational performance of the schools and progress towards agreed targets 
  • Performance managing Senior Leaders in consultation with the CEO and Trust Board  
  • Engaging with stakeholders 
  • Contributing to Academy self-evaluation 

Overseeing Financial Performance, by: 

  • Monitoring spending against the budget 
  • Ensuring money is well spent and value for money is obtained 
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed 

In addition, the MLT recognises the following as a fourth core function: 

Ensuring that other key players with a stake in the organisation get their voices heard by: 

  • Gathering the views of pupils, parents and staff and reporting on the results 
  • Reaching out to the wider community and inviting them to play their part. 
  • Using the views of stakeholders to shape the culture and the underpinning strategy, policies and procedures. 


For more information regarding Trust Governance and statutory documents please click here, Maltby Learning Trust - Governance