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Student Admissions

Making an Application

If you live in Doncaster applications should be made online at: or by completing a paper Common Application Form (CAF). These forms are available from the Local Authority. You will be asked to express a preference for up to three secondary schools and rank your preference in order.

If you are not a resident in Doncaster but wish to apply to a Doncaster secondary school you should contact your local authority for advice on how to submit an application.

Stage One - Eligibility for a Place

The appropriate admissions authority will consider your application and determine whether or not your child is eligible for a place at each school.

Stage Two - The Offer of a Place

Your child will be offered a place at a school which is ranked highest on your application at which they are eligible for a place. Parents of a child resident in Doncaster who have completed a Common Application Form will receive a written offer of a school place from Doncaster Authority on 1 March.

Please note that the Associate Principal or their representative cannot offer a place in a school, places are allocated by the Council on behalf of the relevant admissions authority.

In Year Transfers

If you wish for your child to transfer secondary school during the school year, you will need to complete:

Both of these forms are available online or from the admissions team at Doncaster Council. Please return forms to the admissions team.

National Offer Date: 1st March 2021

Oversubscription Criteria

On the national offer day, the admissions team will establish a waiting list for secondary schools in Doncaster where the number of applications for those schools has exceeded the available places in Year 7. Your child’s name will automatically be put on the waiting list for a school where they have not been made an offer of a place and where that school is ranked higher than the school at which an offer has been made.

All parents need to be aware that their child’s name will not automatically be placed on the waiting list for a school which is named as a lower preference on their Common Application Form than the school for which they have received an offer of a place.


Sir Thomas Wharton Academy provides a full transition programme ahead of your child’s move to us in September.

Further Information

For more information on applying for a secondary school place, please see the Admission to Secondary School pack below:

You can also contact the Admissions Team on (01302) 736000.