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Our Science curriculum is built on the understanding that science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world, through observation and experiment.  

Through our curriculum, we aim to nurture curiosity and develop students’ thinking skills in an unfamiliar context, delivering the curriculum in a practical and engaging way, incorporating practical and problem solving skills

We aim to take a holistic approach to all aspects of science and emphasise the importance of developing skills for science in the real world, with an overarching link to careers. 

Staff encourage investment in the subject through an appreciation of the relevance and vast impact science has on the community and wider world, to enrich lives and inspire the next generation and their contributions to a STEM based society.  

The links below take you to the 39 Week Plans for Science:

  • Year 7 Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 8 Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 9 Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 10 Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 11 Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 10 Triple Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 11 Triple Science 39 Week Plan
  • Year 12 Biology 39 Week Plan
  • Year 13 Biology 39 Week Plan
  • Year 12 Chemistry 39 Week Plan
  • Year 13 Chemistry 39 Week Plan
  • Year 12 Physics 39 Week Plan
  • Year 13 Physics 39 Week Plan