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Mathematics Resources

Mathematics Equipment

Scientific Calculator - The Mathematics department recommend the Casio fx83 GTX for all students and we have them available to purchase at £8.95 each.

Mathematics Trial Exam Preparation

This resource will help our Year 11 students prepare for their trial exams which will start on the 18th October.


Independent Hegarty Prep

These resources for students in Y9 and Y10 align to the long term plans and allow them to identify with topics studied within the classroom to further support their knowledge. Each link relates to a video and quiz on Hegarty Maths.



Use the websites below to support your revision:

Various Maths papers to download along with answers


On screen practice papers


Practice papers with video solutions


Topic specific videos and tasks to complete


Introducing Hegarty Maths 

Pleae click on the link below to listen to Mr Woodhouse (Director of Maths) and Mr Gent (Subject Specialist) discussing the introduction of Hegarty Maths at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy for Year 11. Exciting times! 

Hegarty Maths Introduction