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How Can I Help My Child

What is my child studying this week?

Our 39 Week Plans show what topics and themes we intend to cover each week.

An example can be seen below:

  • Assessments where feedback will be given on Strengths, Problems and Actions required for improvement are indicated by (SPA) in red cells.
  • Following feedback, learners will be supported to follow the Actions to ‘Close The Gap’ (CTG.)
  • The outcomes of SPA and CTG work, combined with day-to-day assessment in lessons and of homework are used to assess learners’ performance.
  • Yellow cells indicate the weeks where this assessment information is checked and moderated prior to reports being sent home.
  • The grey box outlines how this year of study is intended to contribute to learners’ development as subject specialists.

You will find 39 Week Plans, for all subjects, in the Curriculum Section of the website. Please click here to navigate to that page

General Support for Teenagers:


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(Confidential helpline for parents: 0808 800 2222)


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