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Rewards and Celebrations


At Sir Thomas Wharton Academy we believe that positive behaviour and attitudes should be acknowledged, and we use a system to help ensure that students who are fulfilling the expectations around behaviour, attendance and punctuality receive appropriate rewards.

In order to track and reward positive behaviour and attitudes we use the house system to track the recognition that we give students. Students can be awarded house points for a number of reasons - both inside and outside of the classroom. All house points are tracked on an individual basis and team basis. Students will be rewarded for individual success, whilst also contributing to the overall success of their designated house.

Students will be awarded house points for the following reasons:

  • P (Prepared Learner) awarded each week by form tutor for 100% attendance, current uniform, no late marks, planner. (10 HP per week).
  • R (Responsible Learner) awarded by all staff during the week for acts such as positive conduct, helping others. (2 HP).
  • I (Invested Learner) awarded by all staff during the week for effort, reading, responding to feedback and effective engagement in learning. (2 HP).
  • D (Determined Learner) awarded by all staff during the week for acts of resilience, seeking a new challenge, responding well to a setback. (2 HP).
  • E (Emotionally Aware Learner) awarded by all staff during the week for being polite, showing positivity, supporting others. (2 HP).
  • House activities: Attending (10HP), Achieving (1st place 20HP, 2nd place 10HP, 3rd place 5HP), Representing the Academy (10HP).
  • Student Welfare Manager Award: Each week the Student Welfare Manager will select 3 students who have gone above and beyond with their contributions to Sir Thomas Wharton Academy. (10HP).

During tutor time, every Monday, our students will have the opportunity to log and track their cumulative total of house points within a section of their student planner; when house points are awarded this will be communicated with parents/carers/guardians via the MyED app. All our students’ efforts towards gaining house points will be recognised via our new rewards badge system.


Our students’ hard work and positive behaviour will be recognised in a number of ways. These can be seen in the table below. Badges highlighting achievements will be awarded to exemplary students achieving the thresholds below. These will be a visible form of our recognition.

House Points Total Method of Recognition
100 Congratulations MyED message sent home
225 Form Tutor postcard home and Bronze pin badge awarded
375 Student Achievement Leader/Student Welfare Manager postcard home
525 Associate Principal postcard home Silver pin badge awarded
750 Leave 5 minutes early pass (lunchtime)
925 Free chocolate/snack/sweets. Collected from pastoral team via weekly assembly and gold pin badge awarded
1200 Free Academy breakfast/break time snack
1500 End of year golden ticket event and student leadership pin badge
2200 Associate Principal commendation award and Principal pin badge award
11500 CEO of Maltby Learning Trust pin badge awarded. This reward is for students who have shown a high and consistent level of achievement throughout their 5 years at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy. 
Weekly goals for students Aim for 30 house points in a week












As well as having the opportunity to achieve house points via positive behaviour, our students can also gain house points by working towards PLEDGES.

The Sir Thomas Wharton Academy PLEDGES awards are designed to promote the development of well-rounded individuals and recognise the significant achievements of our students. The awards will provide opportunities to develop and demonstrate a range of qualities both within our Academy and the wider community.

There are three levels to the PLEDGE system: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each PLEDGES level is awarded house points.

  • Bronze award = 25 house points.
  • Silver award = 50 house points.
  • Gold award = 75 house points.

The PLEDGES that students can invest in are as follows:

  • Participation Consistent participation in an Academy activity showing investment and excellent conduct at all times for one term.
  • Leadership Taking on leadership responsibilities within the Academy, resulting in a positive impact for self, others within the classroom, across the Academy and the wider community.
  • Enrichment (Cultural) Attending cultural events or exhibitions.
  • Dedication Becoming involved in a range of learning experiences outside of Academy hours to develop self and others.
  • Giving Organising and participating in fundraising events to support the Academy or local/National charities.
  • Excellence Representing the Academy in sporting, arts, cultural or academic events or performances.
  • Service Supporting peers and community, whenever the opportunity arises.

Students will be able to collect a badge and certificate for achieving the Gold, Silver and Bronze award in each PLEDGE.


Each half term, our students’ hard work and positive behaviour will be celebrated within our Half Term Heroes assemblies. In the build up to these assemblies, subject teachers will nominate students who have gone above and beyond in terms of investment in learning, have shown a marked improvement in attitude to learning and have been fully invested throughout the half term. Students will be awarded a Half Term Heroes certificate and entered into a prize draw for a selection of chocolate prizes and an Amazon shopping voucher. All student achievement will be celebrated via Sir Thomas Wharton Academy social media platforms and communicated with parents/carers. We will always find opportunities to award house points and recognise positive behaviour when our students embrace the Academy ethos and values.