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Doncaster Indoor Athletics Championships 2018

STWA success.

Sir Thomas Wharton Academy had great success at the Indoor Athletics Championships at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield just before half term.

The day was fantastic and all students involved gave 100% commitment and effort in all events and were a real pleasure to take to the EIS.

There were 11 Doncaster schools in attendance in total and each school entered four teams; U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys and U15 Girls - each taking part in nine events.

When all points were accumulated the overall results for STWA were as follows:

STWA U13 Girls - 4th place

STWA U13 Boys - 3rd place    


STWA U15 Girls - 5th place

STWA U15 Boys - 3rd place




STWA Indoor Athletics Squad


Girls U13 team (Y7 and 8)

  • Chantelle Eboko
  • Eboni Platts
  • Leah Mullins
  • Lexie Proudley
  • Lucy Guttridge
  • Charlotte Clarkson
  • Daisy Ashwood


Girls U15 team (Y9 and 10)

  • Alicia Hodgson
  • Mollie Sanderson
  • Hannah Mickley
  • Courtney Highfield
  • Leah Cawkwell
  • Leah Marshall
  • Abbie Evans


Boys U13 team (Y7 and 8)

  • Lewis Belfield
  • Leo Windle
  • Marshall Goulding
  • George Harrison
  • Toby Humphries
  • Lee Bailey
  • Daniel Chan
  • Archie Sykes
  • Shane Forester


Boys15 team (Y9 and 10)

  • Damien Curtis
  • Connor Nicholson
  • Josh Anderson
  • Daniel Smeaton
  • Jack Booker
  • Andy Bracken
  • Nathan Barron



Special mentions for achieving one of the the top three positions:

U13 Girls

Name Event

Overall Position
(Out of 11 schools)

Lexie Proudley 800m 1st
Lexie Proudley Long Jump 2nd (PB)
Ebony Platts 200m 3rd
Charlotte Clarkson Shot Putt 3rd
Leah Mullins 400m 3rd
Chantelle Eboko 60m 3rd


U13 Boys

Name Event

Overall Position
(Out of 11 schools)

Leo Windle Long Jump 1st
Daniel Chan Shot Putt 1st
Toby Humphries Triple Jump 1st


U15 Girls

Name Event Overall Position
(Out of 11 schools)
Courtney Highfield Speed Bounce 1st
Courtney Highfield 800m 2nd
Alicia Hodgson 60m 2nd


U15 Boys 

Name Event Overall Position
(Out of 11 schools)
Damien Curtis 60m 1st
Andy Bracken Speed Bounce 1st
Connor Nicholson 200m 2nd
Josh Anderson Long Jump 3rd