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Mathematics Easter Revision

Mathematics Easter Revision Packs

To support the next few weeks as we begin the final push towards the GCSE exams, each student has been given a pack containing the following:

  • Pinpoint Learning booklet - this is a critical piece of exam revision kit. This is a personalised booklet from the most recent trial exams. It contains a 16 page booklet with excellent GCSE exam questions on your five weakest areas from Paper 1 (we will distribute Paper 2 and 3 after the break), tailored automatically to your level. The front of your booklet gives you a login for videos and a password for worked answers will be provided after Easter.   

  • mind map of the course; you should use this to highlight and RAG rate your understanding of topics. With only weeks to go it is key you are revising the correct things!  

  • daily countdown from now until the last GCSE Maths paper, this includes a daily question or key information/instructions about the support the department is offering in the build up to the exams.   

  • formula sheet - you must learn these formulae, you are not given them in the exam and they will be needed! Blank copies are available here for you to 'look, cover, write, check' - a method proven to help students learn spellings, and can be applied here in the same way.     

  • 18 GCSE Maths Misconceptions - here are some 'own goals' that students often make in an exam setting, practice by stating what the answer should be, but also explaining why the answer is wrong, which will support understanding.   

  • 10 tips for avoiding common pitfalls in your GCSE Maths exams. Use as a poster on your wall, or the fridge, read it when revising and on the morning of the exams - it is guidance straight from the exam board!

  • An exam paper - we have printed Paper 1, and have placed the answers, along with Paper 2 and 3 here.